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About Traditional Art / Student Member Phillip Messenger (or is it)18/Male/United States Group :iconthe-spyrothedragon: THE-SpyrotheDragon
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:iconalittleplacticcastle: made a quiz thinger and I had fun taking the quiz
I made a quiz thinger!
Be advised Most if not All of the questions are just bullshit nonsense but nonetheless it's great!…
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Phillip Messenger (or is it)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Phillip Messenger! (you can just call me Phil, Fesnap, Felipe John Jones, Phillip McNulty, or my personal favorite "Chickenshit". The ever-so-gracious shitlords of Kamiah High School gave me that one.)

I'm 18 years old. In addition to buying M-rated games, and seeing R-rated movies, I can now also buy permanent markers at Walmart!

I have a crush on Human Fluttershy.
(Not really, I'm joking.) NOT

I'm totally single, and it's that way because barely do I ever leave the house there will never be anyone like Human Fluttershy. (Again joking)

I love the musics. Generally I like most all music, excluding Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, and "Bubblegum music".

I'm so strong that I can snap a twig in half.

Every once in a while I'll parkour all over the place...Pretty badly though.

I love to doodle in Science classes.

I dislike foreign language classes. Not the language itself, just the classes.
I mean, like really. No one really learns a language that way.

I have an overweight cat named Rascal, who as I type this is begging me for food.
I also have a pet cactus. I named him Ripley.

I cosplay as Joel (The Last of Us) almost every night...Don't ask.

I am obsessed with My Little Pony, Spyro the Dragon, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Last of Us, Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, and Occasionally Skyrim.

I drive with Aviator Goggles on.

The two biggest things that piss me off:
Bronies who complain about being hated on and ridiculed, but then they go to other groups of people and hate on them for what they do.

Also, people who dislike something and are complete jackwagons about it.
Like, it's cool if you don't like something, just you really don't have to force your opinions and thoughts on everyone else. No one really fucking cares.

Slubergulliens that I know in the real life that you should possibly check out:

Slubergulliens that you should check out:

One last thing.
Please don't use my art without my permission. This also refers to stealing.
Stealing art is uncool.
Please realize that artists take a lot of time out of their day to make art solely for your enjoyment.
So please don't steal the art.

My Tumblr! Use It!


Captains of the sky by thesubtle
Captains of the sky
Anyone up for some ship?
Okay...I'll let myself out now...
Anywhore, I've never really done anything ship-ish like, ever. or in this case paper airplane-ish kill me all lies by the way
So, have a decent ship that I fully approve of because the other options for the dragon either don't make a whole lot of sense or are just fucking creepy because of age gaps! 

Don't approve of this ship?
Think it's a crime and an absolute travesty?
WeLl GuEsS wHaT...

"Sky Crimes"
Anything is legal in the skys fuckers.

Also, if you didn't notice already, this piece was heavily influenced by a song of the same name by a one album group called Sky Sailing.
For all you uneducated people out there, Sky Sailing was a project by the same guy who brought you Owl City, Adam Young.
Pretty chill songs if you ask me.
Hope you guys enjoy!
>Posts deviation with mature content tag
>Instantly gets 100+ views
Watch your language Pip by thesubtle
Watch your language Pip
You better watch what you fucking say around these parts you shit head. There are young ones on this site so you better not fucking let those motherfucking curse words slip out like a bad fart after a Tuesday morning shit you asshat. 

Don't look at me like that....
I didn't do anything....
Aquaphobia  by thesubtle
Ayy b0ss.

"Now Senpai Subtle, isn't drowning a little hardcore and should be shown as mature content?"

Fuck you do what I want

I'm starting a new series of draw p0nes. One in which I feature a certain specific fear such as the one above. All of which I'll feature my very own bonafide OC pony incarnation of "fear" 3edgy5u
(Maybe, just maybe I'll consider doing free requests or money commissions of OCs and a selected fear (If I get my shit together (Probs not))) 
Bad Oc Alert Teen Angst by thesubtle
Bad Oc Alert Teen Angst
:iconhappygnarwal: and I were talking about Linkin Park and the phrase "teen angst" came up. gee golly wonder why And because it was 11:45 pm and I'm a tard, I decided to draw my very own new Oc. Her name is Angst, and she's the long lost daughtr of Celestinga and Subtle. ( the biggest dick G) and shes the last one of hur kynd and blghfdhgfthfehhuhgdsdgblargerrarg
No but srsly. Have a Teen Angst p0ne.

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