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So I finally went through all of my mail, that is now at the top right of the screen (kudos for deviantart updating the site no matter how much other people don't like it) and I found that some of my closest friends all had journal entries like...20...30 weeks ago....and I'm over here acting like a big idiot going all "i think some of my friends on deviantart died because I don't  see them do anything anymore" and the whole time it's actually all "nah bruh ur freinds r aliv butt ur dum cus u don chek ur mail". 
So yeah....whoops.

I might want to check that stupid mail thing more often. And maybe I should finish those like...70 free requests everyone gave me.
Also...on that subject....


I don't even remember anymore, so if I owe you a request please tell me and please don't be mad at me. I'm stupid.
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Phillip Messenger (or is it)
Artist | Student | Other
United States
My name is Phillip Messenger! (you can just call me Phil, Fesnap, Felipe John Jones, Phillip McNulty, or my personal favorite "Chickenshit". The ever-so-gracious shitlords of Kamiah High School gave me that one.)

I'm 18 years old. In addition to buying M-rated games, and seeing R-rated movies, I can now also buy permanent markers at Walmart!

I have a crush on Human Fluttershy.
(Not really, I'm joking.) NOT

I'm totally single, and it's that way because barely do I ever leave the house there will never be anyone like Human Fluttershy. (Again joking)

I love the musics. Generally I like most all music, excluding Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, and "Bubblegum music".

I'm so strong that I can snap a twig in half.

Every once in a while I'll parkour all over the place...Pretty badly though.

I love to doodle in Science classes.

I dislike foreign language classes. Not the language itself, just the classes.
I mean, like really. No one really learns a language that way.

I have an overweight cat named Rascal, who as I type this is begging me for food.
I also have a pet cactus. I named him Ripley.

I cosplay as Joel (The Last of Us) almost every night...Don't ask.

I am obsessed with My Little Pony, Spyro the Dragon, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Last of Us, Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, and Occasionally Skyrim.

I drive with Aviator Goggles on.

The two biggest things that piss me off:
Bronies who complain about being hated on and ridiculed, but then they go to other groups of people and hate on them for what they do.

Also, people who dislike something and are complete jackwagons about it.
Like, it's cool if you don't like something, just you really don't have to force your opinions and thoughts on everyone else. No one really fucking cares.

Slubergulliens that I know in the real life that you should possibly check out:

Slubergulliens that you should check out:

One last thing.
Please don't use my art without my permission. This also refers to stealing.
Stealing art is uncool.
Please realize that artists take a lot of time out of their day to make art solely for your enjoyment.
So please don't steal the art.

My Tumblr! Use It!


Dashie says that ur dum by thesubtle
Dashie says that ur dum
I do in fact deliberately remember drawing this one in spanish class because one or our class-mates was being a complete and utter tard at the time so I did this and showed it to him and he was all like "oh now we got a brony faggot in the class"
and then i was all like "nu"
I took a picture of it and ever since then I've been using it as a reaction picture through texts with my friends.
I was wondering where it went for the longest time...
Flutterbat by thesubtle
So this one was shortly after when season 3's episode "Bats" came out. I don't remember where I was when I did this but It might have been during another stupid assembly. 
dunno really

So here you are! A drawing from like... a year ago!

:Edit: So this phaggot====> :iconhappygnarwal: notified me that it in fact was not Season 3 that had the episode "Bats" and that it was actually Season 4. 
Also :iconhappygnarwal: is dum
That silly Pink Ghost by thesubtle
That silly Pink Ghost
So I use this notebook thingy that I basically use for everything school related, and I has browsing through it and found a few drawings that I forgot i did in the middle of some class back in the day.
So prepare your eyeholes kids, here comes a few deviations in a sec.
New icon you guys by thesubtle
New icon you guys
It's purple-ish
This actually wasn't on purple paper or nothing, it's just me screwing around with photo enhancing tools.
NCR Ranger Veteran Man by thesubtle
NCR Ranger Veteran Man
Hey kiddies
it's been a little while since I did something a bit sizable. Last time I did something big was "spyro has a hat". Anywho, I did this like three weeks ago actually, but I'm doing this now cause I just now got it off my phone and onto my computer...and because this lecture is really really boring me and the teach thinks we are all taking notes on our laptops n junk. 

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!

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I've also started up a competition of sorts, where the most active person on my page (by commenting, liking and sharing) at the end of each month will get a drawing by me of anything they choose :D if you decide to join in, you can keep track of your rank by going to the 'Suzu's Top Fans' app in the left column~ Then you just come back every now and then and like and comment on my newest art or you can go back a few years and like some of my old art if you really want to! (I added years of sketches and my early digital work to the page recently :P)
If you like the page please send me a message or comment and tell me if there was a specific fandom you followed me for, and I'll try posting more art related to it c:
Thank you for supporting me on deviantArt so far~ and for reading all this text :P it wasn't supposed to be this long, I swear
Anyway, yes. Thank you.
<3 Suzu
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